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SHINE is Michael McCrindle's senior thesis. It's about things looking bad, and things getting better, and things being okay after all.


released April 27, 2013

Everything by Michael McCrindle, also known as Anagram Norton.


all rights reserved



Anagram Norton Ann Arbor, Michigan

Anagram Norton is a mass hallucination. He never existed. He was only a dream.

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Track Name: Grey Skies
No more grey skies
No night rides, no city-starred eyes

Only blue lights
And wrapped-tights, and warm nights.
Track Name: Dammit, Monica
If you're inviting me to lunch just to ask me if I'm okay,
Your stationery's very nice, but I feel I must decline.
And if you're knocking at my door, please consider going away;
I've taken far too many pills just to get you off my mind.

Well some are orange and some are blue, and you're not supposed to mix them,
But when I do, I feel anything but dead.
These desperate measures call for times, but there's little way to fix them;
You've done some unrequited damage to the voices in my head.

But they still scream "Dammit, Monica!"
Yeah, they still scream "Dammit, Monica!"
They still scream "Dammit, Monica!"
Yeah, they still scream "Dammit, Monica!"

I've written novels on the napkins at the restaurant that you work in,
I've carved your face in every pumpkin this side of the sea.
And in my dreams you wear a rose and you're singing about something,
But every time I hear the words, they only shatter me.

I can't expect you to apologize for things you don't remember,
I won't expect you to apologize for things you haven't done.
But in this twilight world, every day is in December.
My lips would still feel like they're frozen if we landed on the sun.

But they still scream "Dammit, Monica!"
Yeah, they still scream "Dammit, Monica!"
They still scream "Dammit, Monica!"
Yeah, they still scream "Dammit, Monica!"

And if you ever feel alone, I hope you feel that way for a long, long time.
And if you ever fall in love, I hope it takes four years to get him off your mind.
And if you ever hear this song, I hope it makes you fall apart. I hope you cry.
But I don't want that at all – I only want you by my side.

That's why I scream, "Dammit, Monica."
And I still scream, "Dammit, Monica."
Oh, we all have our Monicas.
So will you scream, "Dammit, Monica?"


And I still scream, "Dammit, Monica,"
But that don't mean that I want you anymore.